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Jason is a truly gifted yoga teacher whose passion for yoga shows in every class. He is thoughtful and attentive and makes each student feel like they're the only one there. His casual style is refreshing and every class is different with new tricks to inspire all level practitioners. My practice has grown tremendously because of Jason and I am forever grateful for his guidance!



Jason made such an impression on me following a handful of classes several years ago, that I sought him out specifically when I was ready to start again.  I have been following him religiously for a year ever since and it was well-worth the effort.  His warm personality and welcoming spirit - regardless of one's ability - are magnetic, and before I knew it, a year went by and I can now do things I could never have done this time last year.  Thank you Jason!

-Julie P.


Jason is the king of differentiation. He meets you at your level and helps you exceed your expectations. Motivating, encouraging and dynamic   ̶  Jason rocks!

-Lori E.


It was suggested that I begin yoga as therapy after an illness. I attended many yoga classes and experienced many different instructors, but I had no desire to pursue yoga…UNTIL I attended Jason’s class! I proceeded to take privates from Jason for years and attended his classes whenever possible. Jason’s calm, sincere, encouraging manner mixed with his expertise and talent for teaching yoga got me hooked. (In addition, Jason also worked with my son and he was able to relate so well to him.) Jason helped me really understand, not only poses and movement, but the philosophy and deeper meaning of yoga. He is a special man and truly an amazing teacher!                          

-Rhonda G.


My yoga classes with Jason are always a rewarding experience; a soothing treatment for the body and spirit. His attentiveness, patience and genuine care results in an inspirational practice of physical and spiritual well-being.

-Cecelia S.


As I head into my sixties, I continue to be inspired by Jason and the opportunities he offers for physically challenging my body. His compassion and support mean the world to me!

-Penni F.


Beyond the postures, the breath work, and meditations that I have learned from Jason, his classes have nurtured my spirit as well as my body and have changed my consciousness which has led to a life-changing transformation.

-Daniel C.


When you find a yoga teacher who causes you to plan your week around their teaching, you know you have found the right one. Whether Jason is inverted and balancing on one finger or instructing a child's pose, he allows his students to make their practice their own.  He creates an environment that allows people to challenge themselves and feel positive about what they accomplish.

-Abbe S.


I'm so grateful to be your student. I learned so much from you. Looking forward to continuing to grow on this yoga journey.

-Elisheva Z.

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